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 Internal Meditation

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Internal Meditation

This style of meditation is used for going inside yourself for a deep,relaxing meditation. This meditation makes extensive use of visualisation, so take it in small, easy to handle steps at first. You will progress as you practice. There is no race and you are the only one who matters. It is better to take things in small, safe steps rather than to try to move as quickly forward as possible and potentially screwing your spirit and self up. It is easiest if you have a partner read each step to you. If  you do this, have the partner read each step and pause as you concentrate and visualise the steps. When you feel that you have reached the step fully, give a slight nod to let the reader know that he/she can continue. 

1. Posture- You simply need to keep your spine straight. This can be attained by laying on the floor, sitting in a straight back chair (don't let your back touch the back of the chair), or sit in a lotus/Indian style position with the back straight (keeping your back close to a wall can assist in keeping the back straightened). In all these positions, the hands should be held with the palms facing upward and the fingers curled naturally.

2. Breathing- Your breathing should be in through the nose and out through the mouth. Inhale, hold, then exhale. The exhalation should be longer than the inhalation. If using chakras during meditation, inhale and cycle the breath good air up through to the interpersonal chakra, down the back into the root chakra, then exhale, carrying the good air through the remaining chakras, up the front of the body and sending the bad air out through the mouth. This is to help stimulate the chakras and carry negative energy out.

Lets get started.

1. Begin by finding a quiet place to meditate, getting into your posture, starting your breathing, and closing your eyes.
2. Extend your senses and become aware of everything in a 6 foot sphere around you. Become aware of the way the air feels, the sounds, the smells. This sphere becomes your whole world.

3. Begin to bring the sphere in closer until it is just encompassing yourself. Feel how your body feels, the temperature of the air on your skin, the texture of the clothes against your skin, the smell of your body or any scent you are wearing, all the little details that you don't notice until you think and concentrate on. 

NOTE: You may begin to feel like there are insects crawling all over you and you need to itch worse than any other time in you life. It will be difficult, but ignore it. You mind doesn't  like to concentrate that hard, so it begins to send false sensory signals to you in an attempt to distract your concentration. After ignoring it for a bit, the itching sensation will move to another location and eventually go away altogether. (But its damn annoying until it does)

4. Now, focus your attention on a 1 inch square of skin. Feel everything about it, the way the hair follicle feels as air passes over it, how warm or cold it is, the way any fabric on it feels. This 1 inch of skin now is your whole world and nothing else exists. Get to know this feeling until it seems that it has always been that acute and detailed.

5. Now, Picture yourself standing on this patch of skin. You are so small that the hair seems to be like a tree trunk and the natural wrinkles in the skin are like broken ground.

6. Focus your attention even more tightly now. You become smaller and you are now small enough that you see the skin cells packed tightly together. You are a giant standing on this new world of cells. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.

7. Now, make yourself smaller. You are now standing on the surface of a single cell. Able to see all of the parts of it as if looking down into a pool of still water. The other cells are simply a short jump across a narrow gap. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into you mind.

8. You now make yourself smaller again. The surface of this single cell is the size of the world to you.  Other cells seem like the stars they are so large and distant from this single cell. Concentrate on this sensation, remembering and locking it into your mind.

9. Now, make yourself so small that you fall into the cell, landing on a world of individual atoms. You are a giant here, standing on miles upon miles of solid atoms. You cannot see the whole of the cell anymore, only its millions upon millions of atoms. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.

10. Now, you become smaller still. You are now standing only upon hundreds of atoms. Concentrate on this sensation, remembering and locking it into your mind.

11. Shrinking again, you are now standing upon the shell of a single atom. Looking around, you can see other solid seeming atoms not very far away.Concentrate on this, remembering and locking it into your mind.

12. You become smaller still. Now you are sitting, riding a single electron as it spins. You ride it like an adult on a child's bike. The nucleus of the atom seems to as far away as the moon now. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.

13. You can now stand on the electron as it spins around a more distant nucleus. The nucleus seems to only be as far away as distant mountains now. You can faintly make out the hills and valleys that are the positrons and neutrons of the nucleus. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.

14. Now, you have left the electron and are on the surface of the atom's nucleus. The positrons and neutrons are like sand, you are so much larger than them. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.  

15. You have shrunk yet again. The surface of the nucleus is like hilly terrain. You walk upon on and through the hills and gullies of positrons and neutrons.
Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.

16. Now, shrink yourself again. The positrons and neutrons are mountains and the spaces between are deep valleys. Look about, see and feel the surface of this
place. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.

17. You now shrink yourself and you are falling, floating in the space between the enormous bulks of the positrons and neutrons. It is as if you are in a field of
planetoids in space. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.

18. You shrink yet again. The positrons and neutrons are now distant stars as you float in space. You feel warm and safe in this place. In this place, there is nothing but you and you are everything in this place. There is no outside world. There is no stress. There is no tension. There is only peace and solace. Curl the tips of your ring fingers to touch the tips of your thumbs and touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth. Concentrate on these sensations. Make them part of one another. Remembering and locking these sensations into your mind together. NOTE:
the touching of the fingertips and the tongue to the teeth is meant to be a lock. For the next few meditations, go through the steps as usual. Always stopping at this point and doing the physical instructions to create a physical connection with this mental state. In the future, you will only need to touch the fingertips together and the  tongue to the teeth to go straight to this mental state.

19. Now imagine a light in the distance, brighter than what you have left behind. You will begin to get smaller and move towards this light. It grows and grows until you stand upon it. Concentrate on this feeling, remembering and locking it into your mind.

20. You are now shrinking again and falling into the light. This light chimes and fills your being with a feeling of wholeness. A wholeness that connects you with everything in the universe. A feeling of completeness that cheers and lifts your spirit to heights you have never felt before. Your whole being is filled with health and energy. Curl the tips of your ring fingers in to touch the tips of your thumbs, touching the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth just above the teeth. Concentrate on this sensation, remembering it, putting the physical and the spirit together into a single whole, locking it into
your mind.

Ending- As you end your meditations at the end of the various steps, tell yourself to count to three and come back to the world in a natural manner at an easy pace that you are comfortable with. You should feel more relaxed and at peace than when you began. Sudden, abrupt returns can cause undo stress and tension.
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Internal Meditation
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