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 Past Lives Meditation

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PostSubject: Past Lives Meditation   Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:37 pm

Past Lives Meditation
This should be done with a partner, in case you get into such a deep trance, or you get upset and need someone to help pull you out.
     First, you must perform a cleansing and grounding ritual.

Lay down  Make sure you tape or have your partner writing down what you say.  Make your partner says out loud, and visualise the scenario
Picture a huge beautiful architecture library  
In front of there, are 10 giant steps leading up to the front door 
Very slowly climb up the stairs counting each one (To get you in trance)
When you get to the top of the stairs, imagine a huge door with a giant knocker
Knock the door
Someone will answer the door, this is your spirit guide
Tell him/her what is you would like to see (as in certain past life or general)
At this point you may or not have a conversation with your guide

Next, ask your guide to lead you where you can get this information
Picture another door behind the guide, and have the guide walk you through there
He/She will guide you into another room and sit you down
At this point whether you are audio, visual or written, comes into play
You may take down a book and start to read a story of a past life.  Look at the pictures, movie or listen someone tell you the story
When you are done, thank your guide very much.  Open the main door to go back down the stairs to get out of the trance
Play back the tape or read what your partner has written as you may not remember.
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Past Lives Meditation
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