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 Spiral Meditation

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Spiral Meditation  Empty
PostSubject: Spiral Meditation    Spiral Meditation  EmptyThu Apr 26, 2018 8:32 pm

Spiral Meditation 

Begin meditation with deep breathing and focus, as is your normal practice. 

Visualise a circle as you breath deeply to reach your beta or clear state of  mind.
With your right palm facing outward you can slowly make a circle in the air  in front of you. Allow the palm of your left hand to face downward. You can  visualise the light following my hand in this circular motion. I feel the  warmth of the love energy radiating on the palms of my hands.

Within seconds you will notice that the circle becomes wider and wider in the  air. As you have created a larger circle visualise the trails of the smaller  symbol that you began with. This is still connected to the larger circle  creating a spiral of light.

Into this spiral of light intend "perfect love and perfect light" which you  can chant or say aloud. It is your intention that creates the connection.

Visualise the stream of light flowing into your third eye (the forehead  between the eyes) from the universe. With every inhalation see the growing  violet blooming flower in your chest expand and glisten. On every exhale  picture and intend perfect love and perfect light to those who come into your  mind. Intend love to those who have requested then to all of the vibrations  of energy in the entire universe. All the energy will return through the  spiral from your hands.

When you are ready to refocus simply open your eyes. Clap your hands  together softly and brush them as if washing. Touch your face, ears, and  head, lightly with your palms. Practice this healing meditation to increase  energy and reach the mystical.
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Spiral Meditation
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