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 Your 1st Meditation Exercise

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Your 1st Meditation Exercise Empty
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Your 1st Meditation Exercise
Your 1st Meditation Exercise Untitl10
The mind enjoys repetition, and is quick to set up a pattern to follow. When you first begin to meditate you might find your mind wandering, but regular practice will make it progressively easier to settle your mind and reap the benefits of a quiet, relaxed space. Very soon the simple act of lighting a candle, or sitting quietly, will trigger a meditative state very quickly. You will discover that the experience of meditation feels very pleasant - especially if you allow yourself to go with the flow, and do not place high expectations on yourself. Most people need several sessions of meditation before their mind becomes accustomed to slowing down. This is why a regular time and particular place are helpful. After meditation, you will feel relaxed and peaceful, and you should take a few minutes to enjoy this state before resuming activities.
Who Can Benefit From Meditation?
Meditation is perfectly safe and suitable for anyone, even children. To get the most out of meditation, avoid noisy enviroments, and switch off your mobile as sudden loud noises can pull you out of your meditative state making you feel disorientated. You can still meditate safely if you are taking prescribed medication. Avoid alcohol however, as this can affect your ability to maintain focus. Ensure you will not be disturbed by members of your household so that you can fully relax. Set a time limit of 15 - 20 minutes for meditation, and keep to it.
This excercise is easy and gentle. Prepare your meditation space, then experience the tranquility that is gained by meditating on your breathing.
Make sure that you are comfortable and will not be interrupted.
Take 3 deep breaths, exhaling fully, then breathe in your natural rhythm....
Feel yourself begin to relax...
Allow passing thoughts to drift away without paying attention to them...
Become aware of your breath as you breathe in and out...
As you breathe in, imagine that you are becoming filled with a sensation of light and peace....
As you breathe out, allow any tension and anxiety to mely away with the exhalation....
Follow the rhymn of your breath as it flows... gently... regulary....
Feel yourself becoming increasingly relaxed... peaceful...
Become aware of your breath as the life-force that sustains you.... relaxes you... energises you....
Ignore any distractions that come to mind....
Concentrate on your breathing....
Now repeat a word that has significance to you... (for example, "peace" "love" "harmony" "healing" or "gentleness"
Repeat your word inwardly with both the in-breath and the out-breath....
You will feel the emotoin associated with that word becoming infused into your being....
After a minute or two, return your full attention to your breathing...
Take three deep breaths, then bring your attention back to your body and your surroundings....
Wriggle your fingers and toes, stretch a little, then slowly open your eyes and take in your surroundings...
Sit quietly for a few moments, to accustom yourself to your everyday state of awareness. Put some music on if you wish.
Give yourself time to enjoy the feeling of calmness before returning to your daily activities.
Follow this meditation exercise step by step to relieve daily stress and tension. 

The more often you meditate, the more focused you'll become.

Your 1st Meditation Exercise Untitl11
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Your 1st Meditation Exercise
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