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 Relighting the Sexual Fires

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Relighting the Sexual Fires Empty
PostSubject: Relighting the Sexual Fires   Relighting the Sexual Fires EmptyWed Nov 15, 2017 7:25 am

Relighting the Sexual Fires

Relighting the Sexual Fires U2KnN_FFPdkKJNzDB-pmN7PHfjTa_TYxW7qUce8NcYhAFYC-Yv8QE6ytvEOQJUE7OvI2W7KHDV6KP4ecD7DRoisHIG_SBjnewcWqWnqpWVHJ1JJSUrIEk-NbE3UETW6lD9tdI6u_5jRDx_VKZw

If the excitement of a relationship has turned from passion to plain, old companionship, you can rekindle your desires with a little imagination. The excitement and passion of a new relationship is like nothing on Earth - it puts you on a seemingly permanent high and you long to feel that way forever. But once you’ve ridden the wave for a while, you may find yourself sailing into a calmer sea, one where you feel that you’ll never reach those dizzying, thrilling heights again.

However, it is hard to live life in this extreme state for too long and, if from the initial headlong tumble into love, we move forward into a more committed, long lasting relationship, it stands to reasons that the flames that consumed us at the start will become a little less fierce… if allowed to.

So, what happens if you’re left with only the embers of your once great passion? Do not worry about it, as it is possible to relight the fire, to rediscover the passion of the early days – all it takes is a little effort and imagination.

There are many cultures that would simply not recognise our ‘falling in love’ as a good thing – it carries with it the promise of too much pain. They would view it as a bad thing and avoid it, marrying instead for economic and pragmatic reasons. Falling in love is a physical phenomenon, impossible to separate from our feelings of desire. The rush of heady love tends to wear off after a year or to 18 months for some couples, as love moves into a calmer phrase. For many people However, this loss of excitement and physical pleasure brings with it withdrawal symptoms and a sense of dissatisfaction and loss. For some, the loss of libido can feel as painful as the loss of love itself.
Rekindling the passion in your relationship can increase your closeness and enhance your love. Try these simple tips to rediscovering the lust you felt in the beginning. What you lose on the roundabout, you gain on the swings and as your relationship deepens, so does your trust of your partner. It’s much easier to talk about what you like and what you don’t like sexually, and to try something different with a partner you love and trust than it is with one who is new. The monotony of doing the same thing in bed for years on end can be frustrating for both partners, so add some excitement by trying something new. Buy a copy of the Karma Sutra or read the Tantric Sex post, for ideas!

If the passion has gone part-time in your relationship, go back to the beginning when everything was exciting and new. Pretend you're on that first date; anticipate the pleasure to come and you will find yourselves looking at one another just as you did then, before the ordinary stopped you seeing the extraordinary. Recreate your first date in every detail - from what you wore to where you went. Get in touch with the excitement you felt when you first fell in love. If you are tired and your sex life is uninspiring, then its hardly surprising that you would rather have an early night than make love instead. Break the habit and dedicate an entire evening to enjoyment, from a candlelit dinner to a sensual bath. Arouse your senses and see where they take you. Alternatively, forget scheduling and try limiting sex to a spontaneous quickie, although not the sort that is just for your partners satisfaction. Sex is an important part of any loving relationship, so make it a part of your life together and you'll give your love life a huge boost too.

Throughout the ages, many things have been thought to heighten desire. Many foods have this reputation - everything from oysters to licorice and anchovies, to truffles and chocolate. Even the humble tomato was believed to have been the 'apple' with which Adam and Eve were tempted in the Garden of Eden. Aphrodisiacs such as ginseng and revered for their similarity to sexual organs. The physical effects of aphrodisiacs are hard to quantify, but delicious food prepared in love and anticipation will always win hearts, not to mention bodies.
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Relighting the Sexual Fires
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